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soap questions

 So I am a beginner to soap making and I've only read 1 book about I have some questions.

The first batch I made, I feel like it was pretty thick quicker than my last 2 batches.. maybe it's because the ingredients? I know youre supposed to wait for trace.. basically when I pour the lye/water it turns cloudy immediately and then I use the electric mixer. The last 2 times it seemed very liquidy.. and for example last night, I kept mixing because it was liquidy and the book said the temp should increase 5 degrees from what it was, and I think it went down, and so I kept mixing longer until it went a bit higher. I am afraid I poured before it this possible/easy to do by accident? Right when I was pouring it, it did seem to thicken up. Will the soap not work right if it didnt saponify.. ? Will the PH be too high or something or what? I am also wondering if I possibly did the recipe wrong (I used soap calc).

When do you add colorant and fragrance, my book says to pour after you mix the oils/lye/water.. is this necessary? If I put the fragrance/colorant in before I pour the lye/water would it not work as well?

My book says to leave soap in mold 24 hours and check Ph, and if Ph is too high, leave for longer. How long do you generally keep your soap in the mold?

Soap needs air to dry/cure, correct? So I shouldnt put it in a plastic bag at least not for awhile, correct? I packaged up some soaps I made a few weeks ago in wax paper and then in a plastic bag, but I think maybe they need air to become even harder.

Olive oil. I have read different opinions on what to use.. I heard the pomace is easier/works better, but then some people want to use the highest quality kind, what's better?

To cut soap, I have a not very long swivel cutter and when I used it, it made the soap break apart where I didnt want it to, is there a super long soap cutter/wire ?

How do I know how long ingredients will last.. soap I think can generally last a long time before it goes bad, correct? But what about homemade lotions/sugar scrubs/etc, is there a site somewhere for this?

Is there a site that is similar to soap calc, but helps you determine the amount of ingredients to put into a 'set size' of lotion/sugar scrub/lip balm/etc batch? Like soap calc, but without the added water/lye, or could I use it and just ignore the lye/water?
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