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Newbie with a Question

I'm familiar with making a variety of bath time accessories (ie bath salts, washes, scrubs, etc.) but I'm new to soap making. I'm looking at different ways to add scent to my soaps. I'm used to using essential oils in my other bath accessories, but, after doing a little online research, it looks like a lot of companies make scented oils specifically for soap making.

This is awesome on some levels - I'd love to be able to make up a package of pumpkin-scented goodies for my future sister-in-law for her birthday and I'd never be able to do that with just the essential oils available at my local health food store. On the other hand, I'm totally unfamiliar with how to navigate this new world of fragrance - how do I know what's high quality? (Are there any sellers that are very good, but don't cost an arm and a leg?) A lot of these scents come with names, but not a description. Can I mix scents in the same way that I mix essential oils now? I'm in Central Massachusetts - would I be able to find any of these things in a local shop where I could talk to a real live sales person or should I just order online?
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