twenty6colors (twenty6colors) wrote in soap_making,

CP - newbie question

Hi! New here. I haven't actually made any soap yet, I'm just starting to do as much research as I can at the moment. I'm most interested in cold process. So, I have a question... I hope this isn't too obvious :P But how do you know how much finished soap a recipe will yield? Recipes seem strictly to be in either ounces or percentages. Is it just a matter of adding the weight of all the ingredients? Total oz of oils to oz of lye? The reason I ask is, how should I know how big my mold should be for that batch or if I'll need to use more than one? Otherwise you'll end up too short on soap for the mold(s) you have, or you'll end up with an excess of soap because your mold isn't big enough, or you only have one, and then what?

Thanks for your help!
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